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Hallmark's "A Christmas Tree Grows In Colorado"--Cute Movie, Dumb Premise

Starring:  Rochelle Aytes and Mark Taylor Released: 2020 Summary:  A woman is forced to convince a firefighter to give her the spruce tree from his property so she can use it in her town's upcoming Christmas celebration. Grace Sunar plays Claire in A Christmas Tree Grows In Colorado.  Image:  Crown Media A Sweet Story About Adoption Much like Christmas Town , this movie is about the profound impact adoption has on children stuck in "the system," wondering if anyone will ever take them home and love them like a real family. Kevin Snyder (Mark Taylor) is a firefighter living in Brooklyn, Colorado.  An orphan once himself before being adopted, Kevin gives back by adopting his own daughter, Claire.  Despite being a single dad with not much room for anything else in his life besides work and Claire, the two make a happy, little family. Typical Politicians Industry needs a boost in Brooklyn, Colorado, and Erin Chambers (Rochelle Aytes), the director of community development,

The Seven Types of Cozy Christmas Romances

We know you love those cozy, slightly cheesy, made-for-TV Christmas movies and so do we! They might seem like they’re all the same - but we’ve identified the seven main subgenres, that is, the different kinds of Christmas movies that play on Hallmark, Lifetime, UPtv and other networks. Let’s take a look!     Find out at the end of the post how you can order this book! 1. HOMETOWN CHRISTMAS This is the most consistent subgenre in the Christmas Movie world. A successful city girl must go to, or return to, a small town to accomplish some Christmas-related task. In the small town, she meets the Guy who will show her what life is all about. The obstacle, or thing that’s keeping them apart, is usually that they live in different towns and have different priorities. Eventually, though, she will realize that she has been missing something, that he is her other half, and that they are better together than apart. Example movies:  Jingle Bell Bride,   Christmas She Wrote,   Heart of the Holidays

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