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"A Timeless Christmas" DVD Giveaway!

Your Chance to Win the DVD A Timeless Christmas Charles Whitley is a man ahead of his time.  It might only be 1903, but he is a wealthy entrepreneur, inventor, and forward-thinking engineer.  When he fixes a beautiful clock, a present for his fiance√©, and winds it up during a Christmas moon, he finds himself in 2020, where his house is now a museum.  When Charles proves who he is to museum director, Megan Turner, she helps acclimate him to 2020, while the two plan how to tackle his dilemma. Read my full review here .  A Timeless Christmas is a very well-done time travel romance that Ryan Paevey fans love! Image:  Crown Media Giveaway Is a Facebook Group Exclusive If you are a member of our  Hallmark Movies-Christmas Magic  Facebook group and a legal  resident of the USA,  18 years or older, you are welcome to enter.   Not a member of our Facebook group yet?  No problem!  You can join  here .                 It's Easy to Enter! Once you are in our Facebook group, click on the  fea

Hallmark's "The Christmas Promise" Is One of 2021's Best!

The Christmas Promise Plot Summary Nicole learns to deal with grief, with the help of her grandfather and a carpenter she hires to renovate the home once meant for her and her fianc√©. Starring:  Torrey DeVitto, Dylan Bruce, and Patrick Duffy Image:  Crown Media Finally, A Decent Cast Hallmark hasn't been doing the greatest job in 2021 when it comes to casting, mainly because their decisions are based on affirmative action and woke progressivism instead of talent and chemistry. The Christmas Promise finally takes us back to how storytelling used to be at Hallmark before Woke Wonya Lucas took the helm at Crown Media. This is the first movie in a long time that includes diversity in a way that seems natural instead of contrived.  God made us all--red and yellow, black and white, and we are precious in His sight, but not every color of the rainbow has to be ramrodded into every movie, like we saw in Boyfriends of Christams Past  and several other recent movies.   The cast in The Ch

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