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Romance at Reindeer Lodge

Image:  Crown Media, LLC Released:  2017 Starring:  Nicky Whelan, Josh Kelly  Twist of Fate What are the odds that two people would meet at the airport, head to the same destination, and fall in love in just a few short days?   Hallmark wraps chance and lasting encounters up with big, red bows to hand to viewers, and we act surprised and delighted every time.   Missed Vacation Destination Molly Clark wins an all-expenses-paid trip to Jamaica, so she packs for tropical weather.  The twist--she lands in Jamaica, Vermont because she didn't read the fine print. Has that ever happened to you?  Of course it hasn't!  You don't plan a historical trip to Berlin, Germany and wind up in Ohio's Amish country, nor do you map out a tour of Athens, Greece and find yourself plunked in Athens, Georgia. You might miss an exit or take the wrong road, and even with increased airport security, you might still board the wrong plane.  One thing is certain, you know exa