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Hallmark's "A Christmas Tree Grows In Colorado"--Cute Movie, Dumb Premise

Starring:  Rochelle Aytes and Mark Taylor Released: 2020 Summary:  A woman is forced to convince a firefighter to give her the spruce tree from his property so she can use it in her town's upcoming Christmas celebration. Grace Sunar plays Claire in A Christmas Tree Grows In Colorado.  Image:  Crown Media A Sweet Story About Adoption Much like Christmas Town , this movie is about the profound impact adoption has on children stuck in "the system," wondering if anyone will ever take them home and love them like a real family. Kevin Snyder (Mark Taylor) is a firefighter living in Brooklyn, Colorado.  An orphan once himself before being adopted, Kevin gives back by adopting his own daughter, Claire.  Despite being a single dad with not much room for anything else in his life besides work and Claire, the two make a happy, little family. Typical Politicians Industry needs a boost in Brooklyn, Colorado, and Erin Chambers (Rochelle Aytes), the director of community development,

What Do You Think of Hallmark's "Picture a Perfect Christmas?"

Did you watch  Picture a Perfect Christmas ?  I enjoyed this movie, as always, but it's my least favorite of the 2019 season. Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC It almost seems sinful to criticize a Hallmark Christmas movie, but I'm going to do it. We turn a blind eye to all the plot holes, unlikely coincidences, and faulty time lines in these movies because we love it when loose ends are tied up in a shiny, red bow.   No one ends up with a broken heart.  Everything works out in the end.  It's a comforting formula.  If only life were really like that! With so many glaring issues with this movie, my rose-colored glasses couldn't filter them all.  Did anyone else notice? survey tools Learn How To Take a Picture Merritt Patterson is a lovely leading lady, but since the entire "focus" is on her photography career, wouldn't you think someone would have shown her how to competently handle a camera?  It would have helped her be a m

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