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Hallmark's "'Tis the Season to be Merry" QUIZ!

'Tis the Season to be Merry Plot Summary Looking for a fresh angle on her new book on relationships, Merry heads to snow covered Vermont.  She finds a new perspective and Christmas cheer with charismatic aid worker, Adam. Starring :  Rachael Leigh Cook and Travis Van Winkle Image:  Crown Media The Conflict Merry Griffin has a lot of rules for dating, and her expert advice is solicited by a huge social media following.  To capitalize on her success and prove she has a "real job," Merry proudly prepares to publish her first book.  Dale Westfield is her fictional fiancĂ© who represents a happy ending for those who follow her advice to find true love; however, her publisher knows if word gets out Merry isn't actually engaged, it will make her look like a fraud and deliver a devastating blow to the company.  The future of the company hinges on the success of Merry's book, so she must find a way to fix the mess by pitching a new book idea by December 25. Adam & Me

Hallmark's "One December Night" Movie QUIZ!

One December Night Plot Summary   Two music managers must put their history aside to oversee the televised reunion performance of their rock star fathers with a fractured past. Starring :  Peter Gallagher, Bruce Campbell, Eloise Mumford, and Brett Dalton Image:  Crown Media A Movie About Alzheimer's & Resolving Petty Differences In Hallmark land, tough issues are often avoided to keep movies light-hearted, unoffensive, and stress-free.  If a Hallmark movie is going to tug on your heart strings or require a Kleenex box to view, it will typically appear on Movies & Mysteries, which is where One December Night premiered.  Steve Bedford and Mike Sullivan comprise the iconic musical duo Bedford & Sullivan .  The two disbanded years ago due to Mike's constant drunkenness.  After a decade, Bedford and Sullivan decide to team up one last time for a televised performance, but they have their own reasons for agreeing to the gig. Mike is in danger of losing his family home

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