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Warm Toes in Winter Hallmark Slipper (Size M) GIVEAWAY!

Hallmark Fans Celebrate Christmas All Year! Christmas might  technically be over, but Hallmark fans watch Christmas movies all year long, which means we are always in a festive mood.  Whether you DVR holiday movies when they air and save them, you own your own DVD collection of Christmas favorites, or you tune in each week to see which two movies Hallmark is showing, you keep the merry spirit of the season alive in your heart way beyond December 25. To help your emotional tank continue to brim with holiday cheer, we are having a giveaway in our Hallmark Movies-Christmas Magic Facebook group.  If you aren't already a member, join us so you can participate for a chance to win! What Are We Giving Away? Have you ever visited your local Hallmark store a day or two after Christmas?  Everything is 50% off, and Hallmark fans descend in droves to score fun products on clearance. I managed to snag an extra pair of Hallmark Channel slippers before they were all gone, and I'm giving th

Thoughts on Hallmark's "Jingle Bell Bride"

Starring:  Julie Gonzalo, Ronnie Rose, Jr., and Donna Benedicto Released:  2020 Summary:  A wedding planner goes to a remote town in Alaska to find a rare flower for a celebrity client, and she becomes captivated by the small town during Christmas. Ronnie Rose, Jr. and Julie Gonzalo in "Jingle Bell Bride."  Image:  Crown Media Celebrity Weddings Jessica Perez (Gonzalo) loves being a wedding planner to the celebrities, but would YOU?  The salary is probably fantastic, but catering to a bunch of rich, narcissistic divas sounds horrible.   What kind of person expects you to get them flowers from the side of a volcano, like singing sensation "Renne" (Benedicto), only to change plans at the last minute and demand an even more impossible flower to locate--the Jingle Bell flower? I'd be telling her to stick the bouquet up her rear end! This is why I get irritated by celebrities who forget their jobs are to entertain us instead of lecture us on politics via social media

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