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Take the Quiz to Learn How "In Love" With Hallmark Movies You Really Are!

How Big of a Hallmark Fan Are You? You've probably heard many Hallmark fans refer to themselves as Hallmarkies , a term which is used heavily in hashtags on social media.  What is a #Hallmarkie?  Simply put, a Hallmarkie is a devoted Hallmark movie fan, just like a Heartie is someone who is addicted to the When Calls the Heart series.     Image:  Crown Media Hallmarkies keep the Hallmark Channel on for hours each day, share their love for light-hearted romance stories in Facebook groups, amass a Hallmark DVD collection, follow the scoop on their favorite Hallmark stars, read books from Hallmark Publishing, and wrap themselves in Hallmark movie watching blankets while they sip their favorite beverage from a Hallmark movie mug. You might say, I love Hallmark movies, but are you really the devoted fan you think you are? Hallmark movies take us to a happy place, a place that some people visit more often than others.  Just as you can "like" someone but not "love" t