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Hallmark's "A Christmas Tree Grows In Colorado"--Cute Movie, Dumb Premise

Starring:  Rochelle Aytes and Mark Taylor Released: 2020 Summary:  A woman is forced to convince a firefighter to give her the spruce tree from his property so she can use it in her town's upcoming Christmas celebration. Grace Sunar plays Claire in A Christmas Tree Grows In Colorado.  Image:  Crown Media A Sweet Story About Adoption Much like Christmas Town , this movie is about the profound impact adoption has on children stuck in "the system," wondering if anyone will ever take them home and love them like a real family. Kevin Snyder (Mark Taylor) is a firefighter living in Brooklyn, Colorado.  An orphan once himself before being adopted, Kevin gives back by adopting his own daughter, Claire.  Despite being a single dad with not much room for anything else in his life besides work and Claire, the two make a happy, little family. Typical Politicians Industry needs a boost in Brooklyn, Colorado, and Erin Chambers (Rochelle Aytes), the director of community development,

A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas QUIZ!

Starring:  Rachael Leigh Cook and Benjamin Ayres  Released:  2019 Summary:  A hotel manager returns to her Virginia hometown to help her sister plan a Christmas wedding at the inn her family once owned and must work with the current owner. Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC Where Have We Seen Them Before? When you watch a Hallmark Christmas movie, there's often the nagging feeling you've seen the actors in other shows, but you can't pinpoint which ones.   Many of them are on the Hallmark payroll and rotate through the heart-happy Hallmark movie circuit, which usually accounts for their foggy familiarity.   Rachael Leigh Cook's career in film, television, voice characterizations, and video games is expansive, but I remember her most from her recurring role in the hilarious detective show that aired on the USA Network:  Psych.   Any Psych fans out there?   Cook played Abigail, Shawn Spencer's girlfriend before he finally connected

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