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Name That Christmas Song Quiz (With A Hallmark Movie Twist!)

Christmas Music Sets The Tone In Hallmark Movies Just hear those sleigh bells ringing, ring-ting-tingling too..... the music plays as the opening credits to another Hallmark Christmas movie cascade across the TV screen.  The music puts us in a holly jolly mood before the first scene unfolds. Sleigh Ride is still playing in your head right now. It's impossible to listen to Christmas jingles and not tap your foot, sing along, or maybe even do a little jig around the house.  Music has the power to make a Grinch's heart grow three times bigger--even with a simple fahoo fores dahoo dores. Hallmark sprinkles the perfect amount of holiday music into every movie, and as we watch, the stress from the day melts away like Frosty in a greenhouse full of poinsettias. Let's Fuse Christmas Music Trivia With Hallmark Movies! Here's a reindeer game every Christmas lover can play, even if you have a red, shiny nose! The Christmas music quiz below contains a unique twist specially craf

Best Gifts for Hallmark Christmas Movie Lovers

Image:  Etsy Many Hallmark Christmas movie fans have at least one thing in common--we love watching these festive movies all year! From October through New Year's Eve, Hallmarkies overdose on Christmas cheer.  When the Hallmark Channel returns to their regular programming, until their Christmas in July celebration, we are forced into detox and suffer withdrawal.  One or two movies per week isn't enough! Smokers kicking the habit might rely on Nicorette gum, but how can we cope?  Munching on stale candy canes until next season won't help. There is a solution.  We can invest in products that will keep us on Christmas life support, even when temperatures climb into the 80's. Stock up on these gifts, or put them at the top of your wish list, and enjoy them year-round! Christmas Books Made Into Hallmark Movies Tons of Christmas books have been adapted for the Hallmark Christmas line-up.  Create your own holiday library so you can lose yourself in the warm fuzz

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