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Your Chance to Win the DVD A Timeless Christmas Charles Whitley is a man ahead of his time.  It might only be 1903, but he is a wealthy entrepreneur, inventor, and forward-thinking engineer.  When he fixes a beautiful clock, a present for his fianceĆ©, and winds it up during a Christmas moon, he finds himself in 2020, where his house is now a museum.  When Charles proves who he is to museum director, Megan Turner, she helps acclimate him to 2020, while the two plan how to tackle his dilemma. Read my full review here .  A Timeless Christmas is a very well-done time travel romance that Ryan Paevey fans love! Image:  Crown Media Giveaway Is a Facebook Group Exclusive If you are a member of our  Hallmark Movies-Christmas Magic  Facebook group and a legal  resident of the USA,  18 years or older, you are welcome to enter.   Not a member of our Facebook group yet?  No problem!  You can join  here .                 It's Easy to Enter! Once you are in our Facebook group, click on the  fea

Hallmark's "An Unexpected Christmas" Trivia QUIZ!

An Unexpected Christmas Plot Summary

A writer convinces his ex-girlfriend to pose as a couple for Christmas.

Starring:  Bethany Joy Lenz and Tyler Hynes

Released:  2021

An Unexpected Christmas
Image:  Crown Media

Egos Are Fragile!

It's the first Christmas Jamie's family will be spending without grandpa, so he doesn't want to add to their sorrow by admitting he and Emily have called it quits.  

When Emily ends up at the airport on a work assignment at the same time as Jamie, his family naturally assumes they've come together.  Why would Emily go along with the charade and pretend they are still a couple?  When her campaign spokesperson can't make it to Fulton, Illinois, Jamie promises the state's governor will fill the spot and save the campaign, as long as Emily pretends to still be his girlfriend. 

Everyone can see Jamie and Emily are the perfect couple.  Whatever possessed Jamie to break up with her?  He admits it's because her career is taking off and his isn't--he doesn't want to hold her back. It all boils down to a wounded ego!

A Fun, Comedic Movie

Did you catch the cameo of Andrew Walker who crosses paths with Hynes during the restaurant scene?  Walker approaches the host and says, "Walker, party of two," before being directed to his table.  

Lenz and Hynes are very playful together and naturally in sync throughout the entire movie, which ignites the chemistry and produces laughs for viewers.

My Favorite Movie Line

Leave it to grandma to be the best sounding board for Jamie who offers him sage advice.  His writer's block and inability to communicate his feelings to Emily are both caused by his paralyzing case of perfectionism.

Grandma tells Jamie, Pursuit of perfection is a road paved with disappointment.  She reminds him that life is messy, so it's best to enjoy the beauty in the mess.   This is so true!  As you can expect, Jamie and Emily sort out their personal mess leaving us with a very happy ending.


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