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Your Chance to Win the DVD A Timeless Christmas Charles Whitley is a man ahead of his time.  It might only be 1903, but he is a wealthy entrepreneur, inventor, and forward-thinking engineer.  When he fixes a beautiful clock, a present for his fiance√©, and winds it up during a Christmas moon, he finds himself in 2020, where his house is now a museum.  When Charles proves who he is to museum director, Megan Turner, she helps acclimate him to 2020, while the two plan how to tackle his dilemma. Read my full review here .  A Timeless Christmas is a very well-done time travel romance that Ryan Paevey fans love! Image:  Crown Media Giveaway Is a Facebook Group Exclusive If you are a member of our  Hallmark Movies-Christmas Magic  Facebook group and a legal  resident of the USA,  18 years or older, you are welcome to enter.   Not a member of our Facebook group yet?  No problem!  You can join  here .                 It's Easy to Enter! Once you are in our Facebook group, click on the  fea

Hallmark's "The Nine Kittens of Christmas" Trivia QUIZ!

The Nine Kittens of Christmas Plot Summary

Zachary and Marilee are thrown back together at Christmas when they're tasked with finding homes for a litter of adorable kittens.

Starring:  Brandon Routh, Kimberley Sustad, and Gregory Harrison

The Nine Kittens of Christmas
Image:  Crown Media

Hallmark Throws an Interesting Curve Ball

One thing is guaranteed with every Hallmark movie:  the guy always gets the girl.  In 2014's The Nine Lives of Christmas, Zachary and Marilee ended up together, and until 2021, fans assumed their happy ending continued.

The Nine Kittens of Christmas begins with an unexpected twist--Marilee has moved away from home and has a new boyfriend, Miles.  In addition to being romantically involved, the couple co-own a veterinary practice.  

The biggest hurdle facing Marilee and Miles is that he is a workaholic who doesn't make time for her and the things that are important for a healthy romance.  When Miles reneges on joining Marilee at her sister's house for Christmas, she pulls the plug on their relationship.  Marilee has reconnected with Zachary anyway and realizes she still has feelings for him.

When fans love a Hallmark movie, they often ask for a sequel.  Sometimes, Hallmark delivers.  A sequel usually picks up from a budding romance and progresses to marriage--just think of Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott in the All of My Heart trilogy.  The Nine Kittens of Christmas gives us a broken couple who must find their way back to each other, which isn't as common, though it's not unheard of-- Taking the Reins and Cranberry Christmas are two examples that work the same way.

The Movie Has Several Funny Moments

Did you catch Paul Campbell's cameo in this movie?  Campbell and Sustad have starred together in A Godwink Christmas, Wedding Every Weekend, and Christmas by Starlight; fans adore them as a couple.  Even Zachary senses Marilee is drawn to Mason (Campbell), but she passes their "moment" off as just answering Mason's questions about adopting a cat since she is, after all, a vet.

One of the most laughable moments is when Marilee loads ice cream into her grocery cart at the store.  Marilee is the stereotypical female who likes to drown her stress and sorrow in ice cream, but when Zachary spies her in the store and calls her name, she pushes the cart far away from her so he can't see what she is doing.  

Zachary and Marilee have a "Cat Caf√©" to unload more kittens, and as they mingle with the crowd, they deliver some funny remarks to help their cause.  For example, Zachary tells people, "I tell my cat everything.  What I spend on cat food I save in therapy."  Cat owners can relate!

The tree lot scene is filled with amusing double entendre.  Zachary and Marilee use the same metrics to pick the perfect tree, so it's no surprise they both land on the same tree in the lot.  Marilee is decisive, however, and Zachary is not, so she walks away with it, leaving Zachary a bit deflated.  She delivers the barb, "Next time you find the one, don't drag your feet."  Ouch!

Whether you're a cat person or not, The Nine Kittens of Christmas is pretty "paw-some!" 


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