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Christmas Music Sets The Tone In Hallmark Movies Just hear those sleigh bells ringing, ring-ting-tingling too..... the music plays as the opening credits to another Hallmark Christmas movie cascade across the TV screen.  The music puts us in a holly jolly mood before the first scene unfolds. Sleigh Ride is still playing in your head right now. It's impossible to listen to Christmas jingles and not tap your foot, sing along, or maybe even do a little jig around the house.  Music has the power to make a Grinch's heart grow three times bigger--even with a simple fahoo fores dahoo dores. Hallmark sprinkles the perfect amount of holiday music into every movie, and as we watch, the stress from the day melts away like Frosty in a greenhouse full of poinsettias. Let's Fuse Christmas Music Trivia With Hallmark Movies! Here's a reindeer game every Christmas lover can play, even if you have a red, shiny nose! The Christmas music quiz below contains a unique twist specially craf

Take This Movie QUIZ On Hallmark's "Crashing Through the Snow!"

Starring:   Amy Acker and Warren Christie

Released:  2021

Summary:  Maggie and Sam are crashing Christmas.  When he proposes that they team up against his sister's perfect Christmas, neither of them are prepared for the blended family challenges that lie ahead. 

Amy Acker and Warren Christie star in Crashing Through the Snow, which premiered during Hallmark's annual Christmas in July 2021 celebration. Image: Crown Media
Amy Acker and Warren Christie star in Crashing Through the Snow, which premiered during Hallmark's annual Christmas in July 2021 celebration. Image: Crown Media

Do Blended Families Like Maggie's Exist?

We expect fairytale endings to Hallmark movies, but Crashing Through the Snow is a fairytale from start to finish.

Since 50% of marriages end in divorce, then at least half of the people reading this post undoubtedly did a combination laugh-snort when Kate, the one now dating Maggie's ex-husband, invites Maggie to her family's home in Aspen to celebrate Christmas so she doesn't have to be separated from her kids.  

Like that would happen!  

Hallmark shows us how mature adults can move on from a divorce, become romantically involved with someone new, and morph into one big happy family for the sake of the children.  

Contrast this with real life.  While some step kids classify stepparents as a "bonus mom" and a "bonus dad" and these stepparents return the love with open arms, far too often the exact opposite holds true.  Step moms are stressed by step kids, the ex-wife seems like a lunatic, and the husband is stuck in the middle somewhere pulling out his hair.  Social media is ripe with stories of passive-aggressive behaviors being swapped between households to see which "team" scores the most hits.

If you had a choice to spend Christmas alone or spend it with your kids, even though it would mean staying with your ex and his new love, what would you do?  Take the poll below!

Kate Crosses The Line

Kate loves Jeff and sincerely wants to provide his kids with a magical Christmas.  To make the most of their time in Aspen, Kate creates a daily itinerary of festive activities, and she's not happy when her plans don't always run as scheduled--usually thanks to Maggie.   

In real life, Kate's motivation would be to show Maggie up and get the kids to like being with her more, but since it's Hallmark, she's only trying to prove her commitment to making a blended family work.

Divorced moms can empathize with Maggie.  Kate is a shiny new toy who seems more fun, which can be unnerving to moms who faithfully and lovingly take care of their kids every day.  Rest assured, mom might seem ordinary, but no one can take her place. 

No matter how fun Kate might be, Maggie IS Christmas because she's the mom! Image: Crown Media
No matter how fun Kate might be, Maggie IS Christmas because she's the mom! Image: Crown Media

Hallmark does honestly depict stresses blended families face when it comes to spending "my time" with the kids versus "your time."  Where families once used to do everything together with equal voice and decision-making power, divorced families have to compartmentalize.  When dad has the kids, mom can't interfere with his plans, and when mom's turn rolls around, she is awarded the same privilege.  It's a slippery slope!  It's not possible to clock in and clock out of parenting.

In the movie, Kate and Jeff are irked when Maggie takes the kids to do something not included on the itinerary, but Maggie is upset that Kate puts up the stockings she had make for the kids instead of the ones Maggie brought.  Kate reads them the bedtime story Maggie plans to read, and buys matching pajamas for the girls, herself, and Jeff.  All of this makes Maggie feel like a stranger looking in the window from the outside. The worst blow comes when Kate steals Maggie's big surprise for Mia--getting her ears pierced.  

This looks like the book Kate reads to the girls.  My kids loved this one when they were little, and yours would too!

Kate has good intentions.  She wants to get on Maggie's good side by showing her how much she will love and take care of her kids, but she keeps going about it the wrong way.  

On top of it all, Maggie and Kate's brother, Sam, fall in love.  Imagine being the kids--Mia and Sophie.  both of your parents part ways, but they each end up marrying siblings.  The circle of dysfunction is complete.

In the real world, it would be easier to find a unicorn than a blended family that functions this well.  Kudos to Hallmark for trying to show us how it could be done.

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  1. Even though this a fantasy compared to real life I really enjoyed the movie and cast and have it on my DVR.

    1. I would say, then, it's a "win" for Hallmark! Definitely a keeper.


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