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Warm Toes in Winter Hallmark Slipper (Size M) GIVEAWAY!

Hallmark Fans Celebrate Christmas All Year! Christmas might  technically be over, but Hallmark fans watch Christmas movies all year long, which means we are always in a festive mood.  Whether you DVR holiday movies when they air and save them, you own your own DVD collection of Christmas favorites, or you tune in each week to see which two movies Hallmark is showing, you keep the merry spirit of the season alive in your heart way beyond December 25. To help your emotional tank continue to brim with holiday cheer, we are having a giveaway in our Hallmark Movies-Christmas Magic Facebook group.  If you aren't already a member, join us so you can participate for a chance to win! What Are We Giving Away? Have you ever visited your local Hallmark store a day or two after Christmas?  Everything is 50% off, and Hallmark fans descend in droves to score fun products on clearance. I managed to snag an extra pair of Hallmark Channel slippers before they were all gone, and I'm giving th

Hallmark's "Christmas at Dollywood" Is Full of Great One-Liners!

Starring:   Danica McKellar, Niall Matter, and Dolly Parton Released:  2019 Summary:  A New York event planner heads to Tennessee after hearing about an opportunity to produce a Christmas celebration taking place in Dollywood. Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC "One Person's 'Bossy' Is Another Person's 'Detail-Oriented'" Rachel Davis and Luke Hackman both vie for the opportunity to create the best Smoky Mountain Christmas at Dollywood.   Rachel's goal is to show her boss she is capable of taking over the event planning business one day, while Luke wants to prove his competence as he seeks a promotion from Director of Operations to Dollywood's General Manager. Accustomed to flying solo, neither Rachel nor Luke are thrilled with the board's decision to appoint both of them to co-plan the park's Christmas celebration. Luke has worked at Dollywood since age 15, so he's comfortable keeping the event the usua

Why Blogs And Facebook Groups About Hallmark Movies?

Why We Have Hallmark Movies Facebook Groups & Blogs People form social media groups and blog about their passions all the time.  Our technological age provides platforms to connect to others with similar interests to enjoy community. No matter what you love--antiques, cooking, quilting, parenting, reading, collecting, politics, sports, or Hallmark movies --there are online groups galore to fuel your enjoyment of your pastime in addition to writers blogging about it, too.  You just need to know where to look. Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC Like you, I am totally hooked on Hallmark movies and thought it would be fun to create a Facebook group  and blog where we could chatter about them.  As I watched movie after movie, I noticed some interesting patterns: Every movie contains at least one great line of wisdom. The characters go through experiences we find relatable. The characters are often committed to doing good for others, and it's inspiring. To make

Hallmark's "Christmas at The Plaza" Recap

Starring:  Elizabeth Henstridge and Ryan Paevey Released:  2019 Summary:  With the holiday season approaching, an archival historian in a declining relationship gets hired to create an exhibit to honor the history of an event. Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC Is Elizabeth Henstridge Really That Boring? When we hear the word "historian," we imagine a plump and balding, stuffed shirt of an old man wearing spectacles and a pocket watch. No?  Maybe it's just me.  It's probably just me. In Christmas at the Plaza, the historian tasked with the job of creating an exhibit cataloging the history of Christmas at the Plaza is none other than Jessica Cooper (Henstridge)--a woman with a mile-long list of college degrees and nothing glamorous or brag-worthy to show for it. The Plaza Hotel is located on Fifth Avenue and iconic to New York's Central Park South.  It is lavish, posh, and has hosted scores of world-renowned leaders, entertainers, royalty, and

Grab These NEW Hallmark Christmas Movie Releases on Amazon!

Feed Your Hallmark Addiction Hallmark gives us a booster shot of Christmas cheer in July, and if we DVR enough of these holiday favorites, we might stretch out the enjoyment until new Christmas movies premiere in October. We ration DVR space to our family during November and December because we not only need space for the new movies, we need to record all of our old favorites, too! Hallmark movies are our catnip. Then comes January--Hallmark pulls the plug. We are addicted by this point and craving a hit, but Hallmark only teases us with two Christmas movies per week until summer.    Thankfully, there's a solution.  We must build our own DVD libraries so we aren't beholden to Hallmark's mercy! Get the Latest Hallmark Releases On Amazon Here is a list of the seven January and February 2020 Hallmark Christmas DVD Releases.  Three of these movies originally aired in 2018, and four debuted in 2019. A Shoe Addict's Christmas     Have you ever seen Candac

Thoughts on Hallmark's "Cherished Memories: A Gift to Remember 2"

Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC Starring:  Ali Liebert and Peter Porte Released:  2019 Summary:  Aiden and Darcy get ready to celebrate their second Christmas together, but an unexpected guest arrives and unites everyone for an unforgettable holiday. Hallmark Fans Love Sequels! After every Hallmark Christmas movie season, fans buzz online, crossing fingers for sequels to all of their favorite premieres. Sometimes, Hallmark delivers.   In the original A Gift to Remember movie, Darcy runs into Aiden with her bike, knocking him unconscious.  While Aiden's in the hospital, Darcy cares for his dog, Bailey, until she can reunite him with his owner.   Naturally, the person who nearly kills you is bound to be your true love. What is the " cherished memory " in A Gift to Remember 2 ? A Christmas village!  Darcy's dad was a woodworker who created many of the buildings from her mom's hometown.  It's Darcy's treasured keepsake.  As i

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