Hallmark's "'Tis the Season to be Merry" QUIZ!

'Tis the Season to be Merry Plot Summary Looking for a fresh angle on her new book on relationships, Merry heads to snow covered Vermont.  She finds a new perspective and Christmas cheer with charismatic aid worker, Adam. Starring :  Rachael Leigh Cook and Travis Van Winkle Image:  Crown Media The Conflict Merry Griffin has a lot of rules for dating, and her expert advice is solicited by a huge social media following.  To capitalize on her success and prove she has a "real job," Merry proudly prepares to publish her first book.  Dale Westfield is her fictional fiancĂ© who represents a happy ending for those who follow her advice to find true love; however, her publisher knows if word gets out Merry isn't actually engaged, it will make her look like a fraud and deliver a devastating blow to the company.  The future of the company hinges on the success of Merry's book, so she must find a way to fix the mess by pitching a new book idea by December 25. Adam & Me

Hallmark's "Holiday Hearts" QUIZ!

Starring:  Ashley Williams and Paul Campbell

Released:  2019

Summary:  While planning an annual Christmas party, a woman is forced together with her ex to care for a friend's daughter.

Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC

Who Is Lisa Durupt?

Not only does this movie feature two Hallmark fan favorites, Ashley Williams and Paul Campbell, it also includes my favorite supporting actress--Lisa Durupt.

Durupt plays Olivia, Peyton Canaday's (Williams) newlywedded sister.  It seems Durupt always finds herself in a secondary role, usually playing the sister, as she has previously in other Hallmark movies, like Reunited at Christmas.

Would anyone like to see Durupt in a leading Hallmark seasonal movie besides me?

In Holiday Hearts, Olivia is always cooking for stress relief.  She's worried her husband won't make it home for Christmas, but it's Hallmark, so of course he makes it!

Fun fact:  Durupt was a hockey player who received a scholarship in Minnesota until a shoulder injury removed her from the ice.  She soon turned to acting, and the rest is history!

Image:  IMDb
In addition to her supporting roles in holiday films, Durupt also starred in Hallmark's Murder She Baked.  Durupt has many diverse interests in her career and personal life.  She has her own film studio, has tried her hand at producing, and her official online bio page notes her philanthropic interests, such as women in film, multiple sclerosis, and homelessness.

High Expectations

In the movie, Peyton Canaday works as the accountant for her parents' inn, but her heart's desire is to be an event planner.  Her parents take a chance on her and allow her to plan the annual Christmas party.

This year's party is a big deal--it marks the 25th year of the celebration.  Twenty-five years previously, the town lost power.  The Canaday family used their generator to run the inn, and they invited the town to stay there until power was restored.  This first get-together turned into an annual tradition.

Each year, Canaday Inn wows guests with a creative party theme.  Tongues are wagging all over town with everyone guessing about this year's theme.  Even the local newspaper tries to get the scoop in advance, but no one is allowed through the doors bearing the sign that elves are at work!

The trouble is, Peyton can't think of a theme!  As the days tick down to Christmas, her well of ideas remains dry.  Is she even capable of being an event planner?

Have you ever been involved in a project that made you feel in over your head?

Dr. Ben Tyler (Campbell) tells everyone he's leaving for Honduras for vacation, but he really has an interview scheduled there.  His dad spent many years abroad helping others, so Ben feels walking in his father's footsteps is a noble endeavor.

After he reconnects with Peyton, however, Ben wavers in his resolve.  Is it selfish to want a life of his own instead of devoting himself to serving others?

It seems like there are two kinds of people in this world--those who are self-serving and those who are selfless.  Which one are you?  Do you land somewhere in the middle?  

Both Peyton and Ben face a high bar, but they accept the challenge and find solutions to both of their dilemmas.

A Friend In Need Is a Friend Indeed!

When Lily's father, Ford Sherman, has an accident that lands him in the hospital for a few days, Peyton and Ben come to the rescue and take care of her until her dad returns home.

Have you ever been in a predicament where you needed help with your kids, or someone needed you to help with theirs?

Taking on someone else's child for several days is a huge responsibility!  With Lily as their focus, Peyton and Ben function like a family, and those few days doing family Christmas activities draws them closer.

Lily has a list of Christmas traditions her mother had done with her each year, up until she died, and it's longer than Santa's Nice List!   

Turns out, the festive activities are just the diversions Peyton and Ben need, and it's Lily who provides Peyton with the perfect inspiration for her party theme.

Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC

Favorite Quote From the Movie

Lily loves hanging her mom's snowflake lights, and she wears a snowflake bracelet her mom (Patsy) bought her.  It's sad to imagine life without your mom, especially at such a young age!  Patsy always said, 
Snowflakes are like kisses from heaven.
How sad is THAT?

Most of us have experienced loss, so isn't it sweet to imagine snowflake kisses being sent our way from the ones we love and miss?

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