Hallmark's "'Tis the Season to be Merry" QUIZ!

'Tis the Season to be Merry Plot Summary Looking for a fresh angle on her new book on relationships, Merry heads to snow covered Vermont.  She finds a new perspective and Christmas cheer with charismatic aid worker, Adam. Starring :  Rachael Leigh Cook and Travis Van Winkle Image:  Crown Media The Conflict Merry Griffin has a lot of rules for dating, and her expert advice is solicited by a huge social media following.  To capitalize on her success and prove she has a "real job," Merry proudly prepares to publish her first book.  Dale Westfield is her fictional fiancรฉ who represents a happy ending for those who follow her advice to find true love; however, her publisher knows if word gets out Merry isn't actually engaged, it will make her look like a fraud and deliver a devastating blow to the company.  The future of the company hinges on the success of Merry's book, so she must find a way to fix the mess by pitching a new book idea by December 25. Adam & Me

Hallmark's Christmas at Graceland: Home for the Holidays--A Pleasant Surprise!

Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC
Starring:  Kaitlin Doubleday and Adrian Grenier, with Priscilla Presley

Released:  2019

Summary:  After working in museums all over Europe, a world traveler decides to head home to Memphis for the holidays and chooses to take on a job being a nanny for a wealthy widower.

My Rating:  3/5 Christmas Trees ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„

Who's Adrian Grenier?

Christmas in Graceland:  Home for the Holidays stayed on my DVR for a long while because I fully expected it to be a dud.

I made this empirical judgment based on Adrian Grenier (Owen) not fitting the leading man profile in my head.

He has dreamy eyes, but his "look" reminds me of a caricature.  Tons of hair, bushy eyebrows, and around-the-clock shadow on a thin frame, combined with his gentle mannerisms and even-toned voice, does not make for a commanding movie presence.

Turns out, he complements Kaitlin Doubleday's (Harper) strong character quite nicely.  Her star power helps him appear less uninteresting.

Who is Adrian Grenier anyway?

He is best know for his role in the TV series, Entourage.  I've never heard of it, so I'm uncertain whether or not to be impressed.

Grenier is passionate about music and has his own recording studio and record label.

Grenier is also a staunch environmental activist and has devoted himself to "important" causes like banning straws.  Eye roll.  Not cancer research, world hunger, drug addiction, or homelessness issues--straws.  He might be popular to a "greenie," but in my book he's a wienie.  Regardless, I did enjoy his performance in this holiday film.

Wienie or not, 43-year-old Grenier has dated considerably, including people like Melissa Joan Hart and Paris Hilton, but he has never married.

How Organized Are You?

Harper and Owen are polar opposites when it comes to schedules.  

Being a single dad and businessman is a lot to juggle, and Owen manages it by organizing his entire day into designated time blocks.  He never deviates from the plan.

Harper lives in the moment.  She is spontaneous and flexible, and it makes Owen very uncomfortable!

Which character do you relate to the most?

Are you someone who goes with the flow, or do you need a strict itinerary to stay focused and accomplish your goals?

Not only does Harper teach Owen to speak and live from the heart, she gets him to cut loose--at least a little.  This is difficult for reserved people to do.

Single People Have More Time

Harper has visited 17 countries and worked in nine of them.  She began as a travel guide, took several museum jobs, and worked her way up to assistant curator.  

She returns to Memphis for Christmas, but instead of enjoying extended time with her family after being away for three years, she begins working on an Elvis exhibit for Graceland, fills in as nanny for Owen's kids, spends time with her nieces, interviews for an international curator position, and participates in all the usual Hallmark Christmas movie fanfare--tree decorating, cookie baking, gift shopping, and Christmas parties.  

Her sister marvels at Harper's busy schedule, wondering how she finds time to accomplish so much.  Harper reveals the answer:  she is single! 

All you single people out there who want to get married and have a family--enjoy this season of your life while you are in it!  It might seem lonely, but once you have a family, your time will be spent so much differently.

What Happened to Priscilla Presley's Face?

Priscilla Presley was ageing gracefully, as so many beautiful and rich people do, but like other celebrities obsessed with plastic surgery, she went too far.

The 74-year-old might have maintained her slight frame, but her face is shocking to those of us who remember her from Dallas and all the Naked Gun movies.  She looks like a macabre exhibit at a wax museum.  In addition to silicone injections, it's suspected she also had botched laser and Botox treatments from a medical hack who was later deported to Argentina.

In publicity shoots, she can't manage a full smile, and when she speaks, her mouth barely moves, like she is imprisoned behind a mask of her own making.  You would think she would be too humiliated to make TV or public appearances.  Either she has a ton of courage or a strong desire to keep fans enchanted by Graceland to pad the family coffers.

Regardless, you have to feel sorry for her.

Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC
In Christmas at Graceland, Priscilla does share a sweet memory.  She likes to put icicles on the tree at Graceland, one at a time, but Elvis liked to throw tinsel on haphazardly.  If we decorated like that, it would be a hot mess, but it works at Graceland.

 Who Is Chase Bryant?

If you love country music, you probably recognized Chase Bryant when he took the stage in Christmas in Graceland.  I don't, so I didn't.

Personally, I love to hear the Hallmark actors sing, when they have a talent for it.  Kaitlin Doubleday's performance is exceptionally good in this movie, so I would have been delighted to hear more of her and less of Bryant.  She has a classic Christmas voice--a real talent. 

Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC

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